Real Estate business

Services we offer to realtors and real estate agencies:

  • 1. Marketing Strategy
  • 2. Ad strategy (Google, Bing, Facebook, Mobile)
  • 3. Campaign Audit
  • 4. SEO
  • 5. Web analytics
  • 6. Google Search Console
  • 7. Social Media Marketing
  • 8. Video Marketing
  • 9. Content & email marketing
  • 10. Graphics

This is why your real estate business needs digital marketing

It's time to do for your business what you have done for every piece of property you have created or sold, till date; market it like a pro.

As a realtor, real estate agent, or broker, you have a good idea of how important it is to market the properties in your portfolio. The same applies to your business and your skills as a realtor. The real estate scenario keeps changing but that should not affect your business. Creating a presence in the industry which is synonymous to the work you do is extremely important to ensure that the demand for your services is always on the rise.

Digital marketing can make this happen for you. By creating an online presence and reaching out to your target audience through their mobile phones and laptops, you can create string brand awareness and recall for your agency.

With the right strategies and channels of marketing your business online, you can land qualified leads. Digital marketing and SEO done right can help you beat competition. It can help you rank on Google and pop up every time potential customers are looking for properties in your area.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be confusing for the inexperienced professional. Our team at GiveMePublicity can help you create stellar ads and copies and use your ad budget optimally to get those leads flowing in.

And what's the point of having a social media profile without any engagement? Our team of experienced social media marketers can help connect with your target audience, current & potential clients by creating engaging content. Every time a potential client lands up on your social media page, they should see content and engagement. This helps boosts trust in your brand and increase your brand's recall, as well.

So, if you think time has come to take your real estate business to the next level and you would like to rule the digital platform, as well, it's time to schedule a free consultation to find out what we can do to get you started!

It's time to boost my online business.

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